IELTS Test Preparation Classes from 1st of August

New batches of IELTS Test Preparation Classes are starting at GAMA Education Consultancy from 1st of August. We are overwhelmed by the recent success of our IELTS preparation classes. Our students have scored highly in their IELTS Online Test and have been eligible for better Universities in Australia, USA, New Zealand and other destinations. We hope that the students of the upcoming classes will be able to repeat the success of their predecessors in their IELTS examinations.

We have the best IELTS infrastructure, team and resources to prepare you for your online test. Our tutors have years of experience in providing IELTS classes and have the best IELTS resources at disposal to address the needs of every students. We do not just aim to expand your IELTS vocabulary. We have seen students put on a huge effort to expand their vocabulary but fail badly when it comes to their IELTS Online Test.

IELTS is not just about vocabulary. The test is comprised of four parts – IELTS Reading, IELTS Writing, IELTS Speaking and IELTS Listening. You must be able to read well, speak with ease and understand what you listen. Even for the writing part, a limited vocabulary will be enough if you can make proper use of the words you know. The most important thing when it comes to IELTS Test is practice.

IELTS mock test are an integral part of our classes. Our tutors will monitor your performance during these tests and analyse your strength and weaknesses. They will then provide you individual assistance to help you improve on your weaknesses. We have a very large library of online and offline IELTS resources and IELTS practice materials. Your tutors will help you choose the best resources for your needs and will provide you ideas on how to make best use of them.

Our exam based IELTS classes have proven to be very successful for past students. We believe they will bring similar success to you and help you fulfill your abroad studies dream.