New website of GAMA Education Consultancy Launched

GAMA Education Consultancy takes pride in announcing our brand new website today. The new website has a different look and feel compared to the previous one. It has a user friendly design and interface that will help students and our partners find required information easily.

Our main target while developing the new site was to help students find information with fewer clicks. We have redesigned the navigation and rearranged the content so that the most important content in the site are at the most prominent places. The pages for Study in Australia, Study in USA, Study in New Zealand, Study in UK and Study in Europe have been reworked and they now include all the vital information for aspirants. The pages now have FAQs for the destination countries, procedure for application and list of important resources for application. It also includes a document checklist.

GAMA Education consultancy also provides IELTS Test Preparation Classes, TOEFL Test Classes, SAT Preparation Classes, GRE Classes, PTE Test Preparation and other test preparation classes. We have created a new look page for all of these tests where students can get required information with ease and make up their mind before joining the classes.

We have added a resources section for sample SOPs, letter of intent, affidavits etc. News and Event section has been added to provide updates on recent happening of foreign education and dispensing information about upcoming services of GAMA Education. We have also added a new blog section for posting relevant articles about abroad education.

We hope the new website will resonate well with our students and partners.

Onwards and upwards!